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A master at the conductor's podium

Alfred Miller will take his well-deserved retirement at the end of 2023. His special commitment and exceptional achievements for the European Food Network are crucial to the success story of the network, which now covers almost 34 countries in Europe with regular delivery services and fixed transit times.

Partner Day of the European Food Network in Barcelona on 12.10.2023

At the end of 2023, Alfred Miller will hand over the baton to his successor Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics, who will also take over the management of the Business Unit DACHSER Food Logistics. Alexander Tonn will be supported by Stefan Behrendt, Deputy Managing Director Food Logistics. For over ten years, Alfred Miller has shaped the European Food Network with his analytical skills, his structured approach and, in particular, his personality, and has developed it into the largest network for general cargo transportation in European food logistics. He is a food logistics expert with heart and soul and a man of clear words who always keeps an eye on the big picture as well as the small details. Alfred Miller learned the logistics trade from the ground up and held his first management positions at DACHSER at a young age.

The Managing Director of DACHSER Food Logistics is a self-confessed fan of classical music with a particular passion for opera. Herbert von Karajan, one of the great conductors of the last century, once said: "If you want to lead an orchestra, you have to let others play." In times of digitalization, the essence of this insightful quote is one of the guiding principles of a modern leadership culture. In his role as head of the European Food Network, Alfred Miller has succeeded brilliantly in internalizing this claim to leadership and bringing it to life.

Bringing the now 23 network members into line can be compared to the difficulty of staging a Wagner opera in Bayreuth. This is because the successful family-run companies, which are among the market leaders in food logistics in their home countries, have their own ideas and regional characteristics that need to be taken into account when orchestrating the network.

But Alfred Miller always gave clear instructions when it came to ensuring tonal balance in the network. Like a good conductor, he was persuasive from the outset and vehemently advocated his clear objectives. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the market, he knows exactly where the food industry in Europe is heading. His analyses have always shown that the course he has set for the jointly operated network, for example in the area of digitalization or network billing, has been crowned with success because it has made the customers' requirements clear.

Peter Therkelsen, Alfred Miller, Justyna Dobras, Mogens Therkelsen, Peter Galliker (jun.), Till Bischoff, Petra Di Nolfi (from left)

The network currently operates regular scheduled services for temperature-controlled food transportation with fixed transit times between 34 European countries. A logistics service that can only be realized through the European Food Network. With his passion, intellect, insight and charisma, Alfred Miller sets the pace to ensure that the European Food Network's customers can distribute their food and raw materials safely and efficiently to every corner of Europe.

The members of the European Food Network would like to thank Alfred Miller for these extraordinary ten years of cooperation and for his special, very personal way of leading the network. We look forward to continuing his vision and strategies with Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics, and Stefan Behrendt, Deputy Managing Director Food Logistics, and to further expanding the success of the network.

Hans Brummer, Managing Director BRUMMER Logistik GmbH
Jan-Peter Müller, CEO Müller Fresh Food Logistics
Karlkristian Dischinger, Managing Director karldischinger GmbH
Markus Biemüller, Branch Manager DACHSER Belgium Food Logistics
Michaela Dražanová, Director Fresh Logistics Raben Czech Republic and Slovakia
Peter Galliker, CEO Galliker Transport AG
Peter Haveneth, CEO Frigoscandia
Peter Therkelsen, CEO H.P. Therkelsen
Frederic Capuano, Branch Manager DACHSER Food Logistics France
Roberto Specos, Country Manager DACHSER Italy Food Logistics
Tamás Horváth, Branch Manager LIEGL & DACHSER Food Logistics
Ute Bischoff, owner and managing partner, Heidelmann Kühllogistik
Till Bischoff, Managing Director Spedition Heidelmann GmbH und Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH
Tomasz Olenderek, Managing Director Fresh Logistics
Vitor Figueiredo, CEO Logifrio

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