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  • Brummer is a partner in the European Food Network since 2013 and serves Austria, Slovenia and Germany.
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  • To keep up with the food industry's growing trend toward Europeanization, DACHSER initiated the European Food Network in 2013.
  • In the European Food Network, Fresh Logistics Polska, a member of Raben Group, serve Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
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  • With 21 branches in five countries, Galliker has been an established logistics company for more than 100 years. Together with DACHSER, Galliker has pioneered the European Food Network.
  • In the European Food Network, Heidelmann is responsible for the region Hessen in Germany.

    European Food Network – Your network for food logistics throughout Europe

    The food industry is booming. Every year, over 160 million tonnes of foodstuffs are distributed by retailers to consumers in Europe alone. Highly efficient and smart logistics systems are essential to ensure these enormous volumes enter Europe-wide distribution channels for reliable and rapid delivery to a market of increasingly discerning customers. At DACHSER, we were quick to identify the food industry’s growing trend towards Europeanization. We set up the European Food Network in 2013, in keeping with our role as innovation-driven logistics experts and specialists in the complex challenges posed by the food market. The primary aim was to unite our regional areas of expertise and strength and contribute them to a logistics network operating across Europe. The European Food Network provides manufacturers and trading companies in the food industry with a unique network of services and uniform standards that span the entire physical supply chain and information logistics. The advanced cargo network transports food shipments in all sizes throughout Europe at high frequency, speed and top quality. With 23 members in the network, we operate regular line haul services with fixed delivery times between 34 European countries.

    What makes the European Food Network such a strong partner

    More and more companies are choosing to play a bigger role in the European export market. The European Food Network was founded to provide these companies operating throughout Europe with an integrated and low-cost solution for temperature-controlled consolidated freight services. Customers benefit from the decades of experience in the field of European Food Logistics and business success built up by the individual partners on their home markets.

    Offering high levels of vehicle capacity utilization and high network density, the European Food Network represents a reliable, cost-effective export method that all its members can provide to their own customers. Partnership with the European Food Network is thus a worthwhile solution for intra-European general cargo shipments and part-shipments, with the pooled regional strengths of its members as its reliable foundation.

    Within the European Food Network, the members cooperate to distribute shipments from their customers efficiently and quickly. Shipments are transferred between partners to make the most of every single route.

    Exchange of import and export shipments

    Members of the European Food Network are classified as ‘partners’ or ‘associate members’. Partners are full members with full rights and obligations. They use and sell products such as the vivengo product family. Partners collect export shipments from their customers and transfer them to other members at agreed platforms, while simultaneously distributing those members’ export shipments in their own regions.

    Associate members are generally applicants for full membership which are not yet fully integrated into the operational and administrative processes of the European Food Network. They do not offer their transport services under the vivengo brand until they fulfill all the conditions necessary for membership of the Network.

    A single point of contact for all transport solutions

    Members of the European Food Network – be they partners or associate members – supply all services from a single source. The network enables you to arrange both national and international shipments alike. In either case, simply contact your local carrier and European Food Network member, which will be able to accept transport orders for anywhere in Europe.

    Thanks to the power of the European Food Network, members are able to supply a wide range of services by uniting their capacities.
    No matter where your shipment is in Europe: The performance of the European Food Network knows no bounds.

    Every aspect of European food logistics from a single source

    By applying the uniform standards and connected IT systems in place in the European Food Network, the next member along the transport chain takes over the export shipments as an order, irrespective of whether the destination is Lisbon, Katowice or Helsinki. This partnership-based system enables your orders to be carried out reliably wherever they are in Europe. The performance of the European Food Network knows (virtually) no bounds.

    By offering a streamlined, standardized range of products and temperatures, the network enables customers to access the full scope of food logistics services – even international! – from their local logistics partner. The members pledge to offer reliable service and fulfill high quality standards throughout Europe.

    Interconnected food logistics for European markets

    • Complete logistics solutions: The European Food Network enables you to arrange your intra-European transport orders for all non-frozen temperature ranges and all shipment sizes.
    • Extensive range of services: The European Food Network provides temperature-controlled storage, order picking, and distribution of packaged foods as consolidated, part and complete shipments.
    • No compromise over food safety: Safe, secure transport of your food products is ensured with temperature controls coordinated for all goods and transport routes including end-to-end temperature documentation, traceability, and rigorous quality management. All European Food Network members hold national certification confirming their compliance with European and the relevant national standards.
    • End-to-end online shipment tracking: All partners provide track-and-trace systems that enable customers to check the status of their shipment at any time.
    • Tailored concepts: The European Food Network offers one-stop development of custom warehouse solutions for companies of all sizes, including consideration of special requirements and wishes.
    • Trained permanent personnel: Employees of our partners in the European Food Network hold specialist qualifications in food logistics. Truck drivers take part in regular courses with training in up-to-date regulations governing correct loading and unloading, cargo safety and security, and hygiene. Employees at transhipment points and warehouses also take part in ongoing training in all issues related to food law and hygiene practices. All training measures are implemented and documented within a quality management program.