• Brummer is a partner in the European Food Network since 2013 and serves Austria, Slovenia and Germany.
  • Bakker Logistiek is a member of the European Food Network and one of the major logistics providers in the Benelux countries.
  • To keep up with the food industry's growing trend toward Europeanization, DACHSER initiated the European Food Network in 2013.
  • In the European Food Network, Fresh Logistics Polska, a member of Raben Group, serve Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • With 21 branches in five countries, Galliker has been an established logistics company for more than 100 years. Together with DACHSER, Galliker has pioneered the European Food Network.
  • In the European Food Network, Heidelmann is responsible for the region Hessen in Germany.

European Food Network – Your network for food logistics throughout Europe

The food industry is booming. In 2019, over 166 million tonnes of foodstuffs were distributed by retailers to consumers in Europe alone. Highly efficient and smart logistics systems are essential to ensure these enormous volumes enter Europe-wide distribution channels for reliable and rapid delivery to a market of increasingly discerning customers.


Refrigerated transport units  

bn EUR

Total food logistics sales  

m sqm  

Food-appropriate storage area

The performance data specified above collectively substantiate the performance range of all those enterprises operating as independent corporations in their respective countries and offering their logistics services within the European Food Network.

At DACHSER, we were quick to identify the food industry’s growing trend towards Europeanization. We set up the European Food Network in 2013, in keeping with our role as innovation-driven logistics experts and specialists in the complex challenges posed by the food market. The primary aim was to unite our regional areas of expertise and strength and contribute them to a logistics network operating across Europe.

The European Food Network provides manufacturers and trading companies in the food industry with a unique network of services and uniform standards that span the entire physical supply chain and information logistics. The advanced cargo network transports food shipments in all sizes throughout Europe at high frequency, speed and top quality. With 23 members in the network, we operate regular line haul services with fixed delivery times between 34 European countries.

Since its foundation in 2013, the European Food Network has developed into one of Europe’s largest and most advanced food transport networks, making it a pioneering force in European Food Logistics. This we were able to achieve by pursuing one clear-cut objective: Due to the independent enterprises’ local assets and quality, the European Food Network is one of the leading temperature-controlled networks regarding interconnectedness, standardization, and experience.

European Food Network Locations

Depend on the European Food Network for all your food and beverage transport needs. The logistics companies in the European Food Network offer proven logistics expertise and years of experience.

Locations of EFN partners and subcontractors

Presence in 34 European countries

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Voices of the European Food Network partners

  • Peter Galliker, co-owner and CEO of Galliker Transport AG, member in the European Food Network

    “The collective network supplements our high level of national expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, providing solutions for the entirety of Europe. Regular exchange between partners results in positive development of quality and processes in all companies and development of innovation.“

  • Ute Bischoff, owner and managing partner of Heidelmann Kühllogistik, member in the European Food Network

    “Our clients receive Europe-wide standardized logistics solutions as a one-stop service. Potential is utilized to its fullest, while freight capacity and route guidance are optimally tailored to the shipping volume. This reduces the number of empty trips and increases added value.”

  • Erik Ros, Chief Operating Officer at Bakker Logistiek, member in the European Food Network

    “Thanks to our membership of the European Food Network, Bakker is able to offer even better service to its current and potential customers. Daily delivery of small consignments is a special benefit.”

  • Peter Therkelsen, owner and CEO of H. P. Therkelsen, member in the European Food Network

    “By concentrating our expertise on the European market for chilled groupage shipments, we have given our international operations a major boost. Our customers welcome the advantage of being able to transport goods, be they single pallets or part-loads, from any starting point in Europe to any destination – fast and frequently.”

  • Michaela Dražanová, Product Development Manager of Fresh Logistics of Raben Logistics Czech, member in the European Food Network

    “The European Food Network provides a unique opportunity for our food customers to expand their business. They are no longer limited to complete loads, but gain the additional opportunity of shipping smaller volumes in temperature-controlled shipments.”

  • Fernando García Villalobos, Managing Director of Logifrio, member in the European Food Network

    “Our food industry is strongly export-focused and represents a key economic driver on the Iberian peninsula. Our combination of fast Europe-wide transport services, transparent information and competitive prices caters closely to its needs.”

  • Hans Brummer, CEO of BRUMMER Logistik GmbH, member in the European Food Network

    “The European Food Network, one of Europe’s largest and most advanced food transport networks, enables us to provide our customers with an even better delivery network and reliable Europe-wide service. By joining the European Food Network, we have expanded our market position.”

  • Alfred Miller, Managing Director of DACHSER Food Logistics, member in the European Food Network

    “With the European Food Network, we have succeeded in raising the bar for the groupage freight business with foodstuffs throughout Europe. This means that each partner enhances its own service portfolio while providing its customers with market access in other countries. In this way we help each other to achieve greater international success.”

  • For Karlkristian Dischinger, Managing Director of karldischinger GmbH, member in the European Food Network

    “As a member of the European Food Network we work closely with the other partners in the network. This enables us to offer our customers efficient, cross-border solutions.”

  • Árpád Darvasi, Manager of Food Logistics Hungary, member in the European Food Network

    “LIEGL & DACHSER is connected to 33 European countries via the European Food Network. This creates the basis for further growth and strengthens our position on the Hungarian market.”

  • Tomasz Olenderek, General Director of Fresh Logistics Polska, member in the European Food Network

    “Owing to membership in European Food Network we have opportunity to take part in interesting international projects, thanks to which we open doors to unlimited possibilities for Fresh Logistics Customers. The network ensures uniform quality standards, which makes food logistics more efficient, reliable as well as more transparent.”

Food safety – the foremost objective in quality management

For the members of the European Food Network, product safety is paramount. As European food logistics specialists, we must comply with the same food safety laws as food manufacturers. Traceability, temperature documentation and good hygiene practice are all part of our day-to-day routine. To provide top-class service, our organizations and systems must meet our customers’ expectations of prompt, complete, flawless, and hygienic delivery and of timely information. This includes networked integrated IT systems, but also end-to-end transparency in the flow of goods thanks to standardized processes. These objectives are mandatory for all members of the European Food Network.

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