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    Your specialist in break-bulk deliveries in Europe

    Are you looking for a partner for food logistics in Europe, especially for temperature-controlled general cargo transport? Do you prioritise fast, tightly scheduled shipment of your products to anywhere in Europe, always at the correct temperatures and with end-to-end traceability? We set up the European Food Network as the answer to all these needs. The EFN is a network of partner companies which operates across Europe, providing temperature-controlled break-bulk transport services.


    Refrigerated transport units  

    bn EUR

    Total food logistics sales  

    m sqm  

    Food-appropriate storage area

    The performance data specified above collectively substantiate the performance range of all those enterprises operating as independent corporations in their respective countries and offering their logistics services within the European Food Network.

    Fixed schedules and arrival times

    Our network includes 23 independent companies specializing in food logistics. They offer you reliable and flexible logistics services across 34 European country borders and have a network of cross-docking platforms near the borders in Europe with direct connections to the destination countries. Precision-timed regular services link over 200 locations in a Europe-wide network, providing the basis for reliable arrival times and high transport capacity availability – an enormous benefit for you as a customer.

    European Food Network Locations

    Depend on the European Food Network for all your food and beverage transport needs. The logistics companies in the European Food Network offer proven logistics expertise and years of experience.

    Locations of EFN partners and subcontractors

    Presence in 34 European countries

    Click the Country button to show the food logistics specialists located in your area. Contact us directly and find out more about the quality of service provided by the European Food Network!

    Voices of the European Food Network partners

    • Peter Galliker, co-owner and CEO of Galliker Transport AG, member in the European Food Network

      “The collective network supplements our high level of national expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, providing solutions for the entirety of Europe. Regular exchange between partners results in positive development of quality and processes in all companies and development of innovation.“

    • Ute Bischoff, owner and managing partner of Heidelmann Kühllogistik, member in the European Food Network

      “Our clients receive Europe-wide standardized logistics solutions as a one-stop service. Potential is utilized to its fullest, while freight capacity and route guidance are optimally tailored to the shipping volume. This reduces the number of empty trips and increases added value.”

    • Jan-Peter Müller, CEO of Müller Fresh Food Logistics, member in the European Food Network

      “Thanks to our membership of the European Food Network, Müller Fresh Food Logistics is able to offer even better service to its current and potential customers. Daily delivery of small consignments is a special benefit.”