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Food and logistics

[Transnational networks work when there are people behind them who communicate openly, pursue common goals and respect each other. With this look behind the scenes, we introduce you to employees within the European Food Network who, with their know-how and enthusiasm for the job, ensure that your food products are available across Europe every day.]


In this article István Kuti, Sales Executive at LIEGL & DACHSER Food Logistics in Hungary, explains why Asian food culture fascinates him and why he is a food handling specialist.

Before I entered the logistics industry, I worked for more than 20 years in various positions in the food industry. I love working with food and know what matters. It is crucial that consumers always get the best quality products they want from retailers. That is why logistics has always been of particular importance to me. The logical consequence of this is that I now work as Sales Executive at LIEGL & DACHSER Food Logistics.

In my job, I face new challenges every day, because transport and contract logistics are very complex. My work focuses on imports and exports, with an emphasis on groupage. I am actively involved in sales negotiations with potential customers, negotiate prices with existing business partners and prepare offers.

As Sales Executive, I am also responsible for ensuring that the daily work of the internal sales team runs smoothly. In addition, I am responsible for the daily calculation of spot offers. So-called spot markets exist not only in the financial sector or in precious metals trading, but also in logistics. Here, freight rates and free loading space are offered anew every day and orders are placed on the basis of the current daily price. Since I have to deal with many different issues every day, I have to constantly review and prioritize tasks. To support my professional development, LIEGL & DACHSER Food Logistics offers me extensive training opportunities. These take place both online and at LIEGL & DACHSER's headquarters in Pilisvörösvár. I enjoy my work a lot every day. I get to work with great people and can still learn a lot from them. We also often use our lunch break to exchange professional ideas.

After work, I relax best with daily jogging and outdoor sports. I travel a lot, preferably abroad. I'm particularly enthusiastic about Asian culture. Also because food and the dishes that go with it are very important culturally. In every Asian country, be it Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea or China, there are countless small and large restaurants that are a real gastronomic experience at any time of day, with noodle soups, curries, grilled dishes or wok specialties.

I hope I have succeeded in giving you a little insight into my daily work and to show you a little bit of me as a private person. My tip for you: The best thing is to stroll through a Asian market, enjoy the atmosphere, smell the different smells and eat a deliciously prepared dish. If that's not possible for you, you can find good authentic recipes with perfect instructions on YouTube or TikTok.

Yours sincerely: István Kuti

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